FoCo Comic and Gaming Fest


It was a mad dash to get the issue done and printed, but we were successful.  And all our time and work was definitely worth it.

We had a great time at the FoCo Comic and Gaming Fest this weekend.  We sold some issues of Halfworld, met some great creators and I was happy to just get the word out on our experience on making the comic!

Happy go-lucky guy!

Happy go-lucky guy!

Thanks to everyone who came, you really made our day.  We’ll see you at every con we get ourselves in.

Now, if you weren’t able to make it, go here:

This is where you can buy a copy that I will send to you!  Buy soon and I’ll include a sticker and other cool promo stuff!




Issue 1 is done!  And I am relived.  HurrayHurrayHurray!  Chris pulled an all-nighter to get this done.  I think it was a tough week for both us, to get this done by our self-imposed deadline, and I am indebted to Chris for accomplishing so much for the project.  I think it will be worth it.  I am crossing my fingers, again and again and again.  

As I type this however, I am still on edge.  The art is at the printer, and I am eagerly awaiting word that yes, indeed this comic will be ready for the Foco Coming and Gaming festival this upcoming Saturday.  There are a lot of people there that I want to show this off to, I am so freaking proud of what this became.

Either way, starting next week, I will have a small online shop open to begin selling the comic:

This will also become the repository for everything comic related for me, so we’ll soon migrate and integrate this site into that one as well.

Thanks for all your support and stay tuned!


New Postcard!

Get it at the FoCo comic and gaming festival!


And here we are…if all goes well, we will have a finished comic within the month.  Which makes me more excited and apprehensive than ever.  Going on to almost 5 years since I first came up with Halfworld:

Protect the core!

And I’ve never been unenthusiastic of this vision from day one.  Which is a first for me.  Generally, when I start a project the idea supernovas out of me, and in a rush of creative enthusiasm, I write and write and write, and then…I stop.  It dries up, it dies inside of me.

But not this time.  In those almost five years I’ve filled four healthy notebooks with Halfworld stuff, so we are far from done.  Far from a lack of content or ideas.  That’s why I love Halfworld- when you create a (half)planet as your main character, you never stop having a playground from which to create stories, there is a constant source of conflict, a birthplace of a million lives from which to draw from.


And, of course, we wouldn’t be anywhere now without the monk-like devotion of my collaborator, Christopher Wright, who has taken my initial ideas and half-assed sketches and turned them into something awesome and cool and palatable for the general population.  Right now he is very hard at work to complete the art for ISSUE 1, and when it is completed I have the very earnest belief that we will have something in our hands that we can both be very proud of.

To say, I DID THIS.



And soon, you can have it too!

Check this out, please:

This is where Halfworld will debut.  And I can’t think of a better place then my wife’s hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado.

I will be sitting at table, at this place, with a small, but earnest pile of comics to sell.  I will also have associated Halfworld propaganda as well.

If you are in Colorado, I highly suggest you come to this place.  Not only to check out Halfworld, but a lot of other great local creators who have helped me out.



January Update: getting soooooo close!

Hello All…

The New Year brings us into Halfworld’s fourth year, and we are closer than ever into getting something out there for public consumption.  Chris is hard at work completing the drawing the first issue, and once that is done we will be going on to post-process, additional inking, shading and adding of letters.


Sure, go ahead, enjoy a drink and a smoke before the atmosphere collapses around you.

Then it’s off for printing, which I am looking forward to, to be able to hold this in my hands.  And then you can hold it in yours.  How?  Not quite sure yet.  The digital version will be easy enough to get a copy of, and I am more than likely going to submit this to comixology, to see if we can get a digital version out to all the digi-comic readers out there.    I’m going to do my best to make official convention appearances this year- if not at Denver Comic-con, then Rocky Mountain Con, or as, one of Chris’ Facebook friends suggested, Charlotte Comic Con.  Which would be fun.  Charlotte has some great food.


Did you hear that one about the vacc-duct that thought it was a trans-resistor diode?

Chris has just told me he is going it be using some friend of his to pose for the last page of the first issue, and I just want to take a moment to say how wonderfully awesome that Chris, as a collaborator is.  He  has taken to this project with such zeal and enthusiasm, and I build off that enthusiasm, causing me to want to write and create more and more of this wacky sci-fi distopia.  To know that someone on the other side of the country, who, before all this had no idea that I, or Halfworld existed, and decided to take a chance and work on this is a huge testament to the power of the internet and why I have an inkling of optimism for the future, and for how the world of my children will operate.  So, thanks, Chris, keep up the good work, it’s going to be worth it, I promise.

Obligatory SOCIAL MEDIA reminders:


Twitter: @zentrout

AND NOW,  tumblr.  Which I am hopelessly addicted to: newpioneers

See you on the other side!

Lettering, and Continuance

Life has been busy.  But we have a few things happening.  A couple of weeks ago we had our Halfworld: Prelude issue lettering session.  For the those who don’t know, this issue is divided into two 8 page sections, each section concentrating on one of our two protagonists:  Marlowe Crumb and Paige Walker.  So, I thought it might be an interesting conceit to have the lettering reflect this.  So, I got a man to letter the Marlowe parts and a woman to letter the Paige parts.

Hard workers, Marlowe and Paige would be proud.

Hard workers, Marlowe and Paige would be proud.

I should mention, that the male in question is my father- who having worked the majority of his adult lifetime as a structural engineer, knows a thing or two about plans and technical draftsmanship, and who’s handwriting I have always admired greatly, was a natural choice.  Here’s a sample:



And the Paige lettering duties were being handled beautifully by my wife, who has an assuredly steady hand:




So, big, big thanks to them for doing this work.  I’m looking into some handwriting-to-font creation software so that this process would be more streamlined for future issues.

So, beyond that, look at this:

Core City is no joke.

Core City is no joke.  It’s cold, the buildings are in decay and people are making out in front of you ALL THE TIME

I know the pic is a little blurry, but I didn’t want to give away all if it’s amazingness right here- you’re going to have to wait and get your hands on the issue when it COMES OUT!  But, even from this, you can see that page 12 is awesome.  Chris has been working really hard on this page, and it shows.  The guy keeps getting better and better and better.

I think this page shows at it’s heart, what the Prelude issue is really about- setting the scene, getting the reader caught up in the world before the truly epic stuff starts happening.  I’m a big fan of the slow burn, and that’s what this is going to be.  This is what living on Halfworld is about, and how people live and work in this strange place.  It’s hard, and you have to find solace and happiness wherever and whenever you can.

We’re getting there, folks. Thanks for the staying on the ride.  It’s gonna be great.